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New Greenpeace Documentary | Power Play: Transforming Australia's biggest climate polluter

AGL's transformation from Australia's biggest climate polluter to one of Australia's biggest climate solutions is now well underway. It has been one of the most dramatic backflips in Australian corporate history.

Greenpeace Australia Pacific's new film 'Power Play' is the story of how Greenpeace and its supporters, along with a diverse group of people and organisations waged a strategic campaign against AGL and its leadership team; challenging the company's false clean and green image, turning away its customers, threatening its funding sources, and convincing its shareholders to take action.

The heart-warming documentary takes you behind the scenes of this incredible campaign.

~18 months ago Greenpeace were going head to head with AGL in the Federal Court of Australia. Now it is celebrating AGL's decision to close down its dirty coal fired power stations over a decade earlier than planned, and the appointment of 5 new directors who are planning to transition the company to renewables.

Katrina Bullock says 'I had the honour of being interviewed for this doco and taking you behind the scenes of this epic campaign. But at its core this doco is a love letter to the tens of thousands of people who drove this campaign forward inch by inch. From the lawyers like Neil Murray SC, Frances St John, Rebecca Gilsenan and Katherine McCallum who defended our right to freedom of speech; to the strategic campaigners like Glenn Walker and Hannah McLeay who co-ordinated the tactics and rallied the masses; to the investors, consumers, AGL employees and everyday people who donated, signed petitions, attended AGMs, sent letters, gathered in protest and mobilised to pressure the board to evolve.'

🙏Director: Michael J. Lutman 🙏Greenpeace creative guru: Olivia Louella

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